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Hi to all my watchers and friends!

I moved to a new domain name here in deviantART!

Well, I hope you'll still recognize the art style I used! Lezze each other again soon!

I moved most of my earlier artworks [published using this account] into my storage box. I left out artworks with high number page views and high number of favs for viewing purposes.

Thank you for all the love and support.

Good Bye!

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Hallow by Emoji-kunGood Day!
Anyone here who played the YAOI game Graduation by GAS? I did more research and found out that this game was released last 1999!!!

Man! I was still an innocent toddler at that time! I was still in the first grade back then... Robu by Emoji-kun but now, I know things like these! Ohohohoho!

As previously posted, I decided to make fan arts of the date-able hotties from that game. There are a total of six guys and I've already finished some of them. Oh Gosh! They make me blush while I'm drawing and coloring them! Kaomoji Emoji Set | Blushing by cute-materials

Curious about the original art designs? The game's official site has its some sorta gallery HERE.

For more images, you can visit this gallery. Courtesy of AarinFantasy.

- 3 - fui fui by Emoji-kun

Lately, groups kept on declining my artworks. I've read the rules so there's no way it should have been rejected.

A group where I submitted Takeshi Arashiyama declined it calling it not-"bara" enough. Then I submitted it to a non-"bara" group and they also declined it calling it too-"bara".

Now I'm really confused about these groups' perception of what is "bara" and what is not. So I decided to leave these groups because If I can't understand the submission rules now, chances are, I won't be able to in the future.

Plus, its really hard for an artist to asses how good his/her works are. For me, all my drawings are good and I think other artists would think of that too to their own art! How could one possibly asses his/her own level and submit it to "beginner", "intermediate", or "Godly"; this are just my own examples. These are really vague just like the evaluation sheets for my teachers which ranks the answers to the questions as "strongly agree", "slightly agree", "neither agree nor disagree", etc.

I just love how other groups keep it very simple and very easy for members to understand the rules in submission. Something like "with clothes" or "without clothes", "digital" or "traditional", and "fan art" or "OC" among others.

I just checked some galleries again and found out that chibis seemed to be very "hot" and acceptable to the "yaoi" world. Maybe I'll start to draw chibis now!

Some artists here, like me, just like to entertain other people through our art. It's just tht I decided to entertain by drawing males.

That's all!

Yesterday, I was looking for a wand scanner in the stores. But sadly, I couldn't find any!
-sigh- I think I would buy the regular scanners.
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Hallow by Emoji-kunGood Day!
Anyone here who played the YAOI game Graduation by GAS?
Well I did one playthrough; my only complain was that it lags so much. Raaghhr by Emoji-kun
But the plot is nevertheless good. I don't usually play games like this BTW.

Based on the system requirement, the latest OS compatibility was Windows NT.
Hmm, maybe I can use the compatibility feature of Windows 7 in my next playthrough so that it won't lag so much. zonk by Emoji-kun I tried but it didn't work.

Anyways, here are some character designs I got from the official web site.

Pretty neat, eh? - 3 - fui fui by Emoji-kun
So my plan is to make fanarts of these bachelors! Because they are that great! Heh!

Well, look forward to that, okay? Robu by Emoji-kun

Here are some piled up requests in my list.
1. :iconteddy5330: - Red-haired male
2. :iconmikotowolfskin: - Age Regression of Yoichiro Hijiri (Alice Academy)

Okay, now I'll hafta change my REQUESTS Rules.
After these requests, I will now only accept Requests from FRIENDS
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This is my second time to enter a contest (#^0^#)

Anyways, :iconi-draw-boys: contest is entitled "A day at the beach"

This is my official entry!
Contest Rules…
Submission Folder…

As promised, more drawings of MARU!

Thanks for the supports!

Maru - A day at the beach by joelmarc2008
I'm feeling the depression. -sigh-

I have never really expected it to happen to me.

Peer pressure sucks. This is the mainly the reason why I used to project an intimidating image. That changed and now, I have lots of friends.

Anyways, I don't wanna be emo or anything.

SO I have come up with a consensus with my self <and supposedly other personalities within me> that I will take a break from drawing and coloring stuff.

I hafta focus on my acads

However, I still have one project I hafta finish for Yuki Kajiura's upcoming birthday.

So yeah. That's gonna be the last project for this season.

I actually wanted to do more MARU artworks because he's too cute and deserves a lot of exposure, yes?

Well, I'll be sure to post lots of MARU, RAM, and REVE artworks by December :D
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Remember my earlier post on getting only three (3) units in our recent online enlistment for our subjects this semester?

Well. At the moment, I officially have seventeen (17) units in my form 26!!!

Oh. My. Gosh.

I feel like crying... you know, begging teachers to give you a slot in their class is kinda embarrassing; plus it's really frustrating whenever they turn down your request.

I've been worrying a lot about having to fill out at least fifteen (15) units to be able to avail my scholarship and now, I got the minimum units I wanted!

I'm still trying to have twenty (20) units though. It'll gonna be a thesis subject.

I'm still trying to find the right thesis topic for me...

I'm relatively happy.
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Hello! This is my first time to enter a contest.

This contest is from One-legged-zombie in commemoration for her having 200 watchers; my, I hope I can get that much watchers too!

Anyways, if you're also interested in joining, you can see the full contest details here

This is my first entry:
[CONTEST] Prince Ice Tsuki by joelmarc2008

I'm planning on drawing her other male character.

I'm now ready to doze off  ( ̄。 ̄)~zzz
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It's not even the hell week! It's the start of the new semester in my school!

So yeah. In our university, we do online enlistment to reserve for slots in a required subject.

I opened my account. I was shocked to see that I was only enlisted in to three subjects! That's one major course, one appreciation course, and one physical education course.

WTH. That major course!!! I already passed that subject  years ago! Why is it still enlisted in my list of subjects?!?! ...I cancelled my reservation for that subject.

So today, I tried asking my teachers to accept/enlist me in their classes. I was only able to enlist on one subject today: Chemical Engineering Laws and Ethics...

Tough luck. Still need 15 units more to be able to avail my scholarship.

Uhhh. I also told my friends today that I will be taking Fine Arts once I graduated from Chemical Engineering.

I hope I can graduate soon.
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I've started with Traditional Media (sketches and line arts only) until someone asked me to color my drawings. I tried to color using crayons and other coloring material but it was a bust.

Then I tried to color my drawings digitally.

Now the usual process I do is to make a sketch and line art in my sketch pad then scan it. Upload it in my computer, then color it using various computer programs; I've used Paint.NET before.

Most of the colored drawings in my gallery were done that way.

My scanner isn't actually dead. I think it's still working but the effing scanner is a part of a printer device which doesn't allow me to scan because there's no more ink... WTH? You don't need ink to scan, right?!?! (((;゜Д゜))

Sadly, I don't want to buy new ink because I'm not using the printer often. (′・Д・)σ

So yeah, I tried to... capture the image using my cellphone's camera. ┐(´ー`)┌ ワカラン

Crazy. I tried it before but it turned out shitty; well, that was with my old cellphone.

I tried it this time and was shocked because it looked pretty decent. err okay?

So yeah.

I will now be using my cell phone camera instead of the scanner.

゛☆⌒o(*^ー゜) オッケー♪

Anyways, this is one of my first artwork I uploaded and edited from the camera image I took.

Ram is Troubled by joelmarc2008

(`・∀・´) えっへん!
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Uhhh. Nooooo. I don't want to go back to school...yet. That's like a 12-hours trip from my home.

I'm starting to draw... fully naked males.

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 2, 2013, 8:09 PM
  • Reading: Bulfinch Mythology
Yes. I've started drawing fully naked males. I'm still trying to learn the basics, though.

For the rest of the semester, from June-October 2013, I'll be uploading mature content.

Hey, it's a way to expand what I'm capable of doing. (((;゜Д゜))

I will be using only one OC from 「Vol.#9 ~Summer 2013 Special」, RAM.

I already made a semi-nude drawing of RAM before:

Mature Content

Ram is enjoying his steamy shower by joelmarc2008

I chose him because I think he's the only one who will look sooper hot when naked. (*`д´)b

With that, I will be open <soon> for accepting requests and commissions for nude males, okay?

キタ━━━ヽ(∀゜ )人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人( ゜∀)ノ

Not feeling lucky lately...

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 1, 2013, 5:56 PM
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Anyways, before I start with my rumbling, I want to say thank you for all my fellow deviants who fav-ed my artwork and for those who even added me to their watch list.

Thank you for the requests and commissions!
゛☆⌒o(*^ー゜) オッケー♪

And so, I'm temporarily closing my availability to accept requests and commissions.

Until next vacation... around October 2013, maybe?

I started to use SAI recently. It was recommended to me by a friend. As you can see, almost all colored artworks featured in my gallery were done using Paint.NET which is relatively harder to use than SAI.

┐(´ー`)┌ ワカラン

So from now on, all my submitted artworks will be done/edited using SAI. However, I will still use Paint.NET in editing the background scenes.

Well, I checked my enlisted subjects yesterday and found out I was only enlisted to one subject (3 units). (`・∀・´) えっへん!

That's so depressing. Now, I have to try and ask my teacher's prerogative. I have to at least get a minimum of 15 units so that I can still avail my scholarship.

With that, I lost my willingness and inspiration to draw; connected with my first concern.

Well... I hope I can still get that 15 units. Else, we'll be taking depression for the rest of the semester. (*`へ´*)


I want to say thank you again and goodbye for now.
I'll be back soon.


Doing Commissions for a limited time!

Journal Entry: Mon May 27, 2013, 2:12 AM
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-I will only accept deviantART Points!
-only MEN (no fanarts; only YOUR OCs)
-one (1) to two (2) characters per canvas
-no showing of P*NIS or V*GINA.
-one commission for every three days
-down payment of 30% :points:

:bulletblue: SKETCHES
    - 100 :points:
    - additional character: 50 :points:
         ex. one character using 3H pencil

:bulletblue: LINE ART
    - 150 :points:
    - additional character: 70 :points:
         ex. one character using 6B, 4B, HB pencils
              Irisviel with non-F/Z bird by joelmarc2008

:bulletblue: COLORED CLOSE UP (solo only and white background)
    - with clothes and flatly colored 200 :points:
    - without clothes and flatly colored 250 :points:
    - fully shaded plus 50 :points:
         ex. fully shaded with clothes

    - with clothes and flatly colored 450 :points:
    - without clothes and flatly colored 500 :points:
    - fully shaded plus 100 :points:
         ex. fully shaded without clothes

Mature Content

Will YOU turn him down? by joelmarc2008

If you're interested, please NOTE me.

Good Day!

ワーイ♪♪\(^ω^\)( /^ω^)/♪♪ワーイ

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Most of my submitted deviations are all guys. Most of my favs are guys (including yaoi ゜д゜??).


When I was still a kid (around 4-5 yrs old), I only draw female characters. I think female characters are relatively easier to draw than male characters. That's why most of my drawings back then are female characters.

It wasn't until 2008-9 that I started to draw male characters. But they were a bit girly (their body build looks that of a girl).

Since then, I started to focus more on drawing male characters.

Hopefully, I can draw better male characters in the future that's why I'm looking at how other deviants draw male characters; occasionally "favs" their work.
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source: apparentlydifferent.blogspot.c…

Yesterday, I went out to buy some bouillons. Gusto ko kasi magluto ng Lomi.

Then I remembered a funny event that happened back when I was still in Elementary.

There was an event on-going in our house; Hindi ko na maalala kung anung event ba yun. Of course, my relatives were there.

I remembered that our "balik bayan" relatives were also there.

I was with my Mom that time. She was talking with my Aunts.

Suddenly, my cousin (Yep, ikaw ito PJAM!) approached my Mom and told her she wanted to eat the "chocolate" that she found in our fridge.

My mom was puzzled dahil wala siyang maalalang chocolates dun sa fridge.

So sinamahan ko yung pinsan ko para tignan nga kung Chocolates; of course para makihati na rin if ever may chocolates man dun.

I found out na she was referring pala dun sa Knorr Cubes bouillon! Haha. Sobra ang tawa naming lahat!

Mukha naman talagang wrapper ng Chocolate yung silvery na wrapper ng Knorr!


Enjoy the Lomi!
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This is my final draft for my PSY 1 paper. Grabe lang.. Sobrang Hirap mag-isip nung mga ilalagay. Dahil gusto ko lang gumala ngayon araw na ito, pinagpuyatan o ito kagabi (12.12.12). Eto medyo pangit lang ang output pero go na!

Who's the best person who can tell about me but me, right? Well, most of the time, that's true. So what's the real score with my relationship with myself?

These are the results of the survey conducted during our PSY 1 class. These, supposedly, will help me answer the question "Who am I?". However, I believe that this question relies majorly on one's self-concept which is really subjective in nature; other people's opinion on me may or may have not affected my score on this survey.

For the Locus of Control survey, I got a score of 16 which falls to the range of Situation-specific Locus of Control. I agree that I belong to this category. Sometimes I believe that chance determines my destiny, sometimes not. Back when I was still in high school, I used to think I have a very strong good luck because I get to achieve something without exerting too much effort or without over-thinking about it at all; unlike most of the people around me. I believed I must be one of the favored sons of the Gods. Hahaha! Yes, I used to think that way. However, I soon realized that that kind of thinking is rather irrational and immature-ish. I don't want to depend on luck forever because I also wanted to prove that I can achieve something with my efforts alone. Now in college, especially during the online enlistment for subjects, I still believe that luck played a role on me getting all the required units I needed for that particular semester. I must still be one of the favored sons of the Gods \(^0^ ). Sometimes, on exams too! There was this case last sem where I had this really difficult major exam made by one of our department's terror teacher. I was already answering the multiple choice part; however, the choices ranged from A to Z. There were five items under the multiple choice part with only two more left unanswered; I skipped it and and answered the easier parts of the exam. On the last minute of submission of exam papers, I used my calculator's random number generator and started choosing possible answers from the pool of choices… and surprisingly, I got a perfect score for the multiple choice part. I didn't know how I did it. I just thought I was really lucky at that time. However, most of the time, I simply don't resort to luck especially (well mostly) on my academic career and on my thesis.

For the Self-Esteem survey, I got a score of 8 which falls to the range of having an Average Self-Esteem. Somehow, I disagree with this one. Whenever I achieve success on something, I feel really good about myself because I know that I deserve it and that my efforts weren't in vain. On the other deeper meaning of success, I just want to be recognized by a lot of people that's why I'm really happy when someone associate me with something that is of worth. I specially feel good whenever people praise my drawing skills. Yes, I really love to draw and I've been developing my own technique three years ago; it's still incomplete, though. I feel good whenever people say something good about my drawings because somehow, they are indirectly telling me to keep up the good work or something like that.

For the Self-Monitoring survey, I got a score of 12 which falls to the range of Situation-specific Self-monitoring. I agree that I belong to this category. I only get to be attuned on impressions on certain social situations when it is warranted. On weddings, when I'm part of the ceremony, I follow the required dress code. However, if I'm not a part of the ceremony, I only wear my casual shirt and jeans and "branded" slippers. Back when I was still in elementary especially during the inter-school competitions, we are required to wear complete uniform and that includes the black shoes. On ordinary school days, slippers will suffice.

For the Self Presentation Strategies survey, I got the highest score for the Intimidation Strategy. I agree that I really belong to those who use this as their Projected Image. My friends always tell me how I give off the unapproachable, irritable, demonic gaze every time. I thought they were just teasing me until I started asking some of my classmates on their impressions on me; surprisingly, yes they really do find me intimidating… physically. I usually just laughed it off but I was eventually bothered because I don't want people to think of me as someone like that because I'm really not. However, I learned that I can use this to my advantage on some situations. I really don't like being the leader for a group project/activity. However, sometimes, someone has to be the leader. Yes, sometimes, I'm the leader. Whenever this happens, I see to it that my group mates follow everything I tell them to do. I speak using a louder and deeper voice and usually make an eye-to-eye contact followed by a raise on my left eye brow. However, whenever I use this strategy, I see to it that I don't make them uncomfortable whenever I'm around.
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Surprise! It's the 31st of December!

I can't believe a year has already passed.

Happy New Year to all of you!

sa Tagalog,
Manigong Bagong Taon sa inyo!

A lot of things happened this 2012. Sadly, this year was not my year. Now I'm starting to believe my last year's horoscope reading.

This year, two of my cousins got married. First is Kuya Joemar who got married with Ate Xenia. It's my second time to participate in a wedding ceremony; the first time was during my Aunt Melda's wedding around late 90's. My other cousin, Joy, and my kapatid, Chamme, also participated. Second is Ate Alyn who got married with Kuya Julius. I also participated with the wedding ceremony.

This year also marked the beginning of me having failing scores. Uhhh. I used to think that I will never ever get a failing score but shit happened. My first failing score was from my CHEM 112 second exam. After that, well... failed scores again. It was really a shocking experience. Though I'm proud to say that even though I got failed exam scores, I never failed any subjects...

Almost. I almost failed one effing subject. This year, I got my first 3.00 grade from ChE 153. Uhhh. My pre-final grade was 2.50. After taking the final exam... That's that. Although the mean grade for ChE 153 last sem was 5.00. I hope wala na akong makuhang 3.00 this sem... better rin kung ndi ko ma-experience ang magka-5.00.

For my first solo project, I got to finish one volume only. Sadly, I was too engaged on doing other stuff that I lazed out on drawing. Well, I also started coloring my drawings... using paint.NET. Uhhh. I'm really not very good with the crayons etc. so I decided to use a computer program.

Itong year din na ito ang year kung saan madami akong pinuntahan lugar. We went to Pangasinan, La Union, Baguio City, Benguet, etc.

Also this year, handaming beses akong nagpunta sa mga public swimming pools. Five to six times ata? Madami na iyon para sa dukhang kagaya ko.

This was also the year when I was really more active in my hobby than in my academics. I got to finish watching #SAO_anime, #PMMM, and #FateZero anime; All of which Yuki Kajiura composed for the themes and music. I started re-reading #FairyTail, #Gintama, and #AliceAcademy, etc.

I also bought my #Nintendo #3DS XL! Okay so solid Nintendo fan na talaga ako.

These are the memorable things that happened to me this 2012.I know there are more but I can't remember na eh, saree.

Gusto ko ring magpasalamat. Thanks you po Jesus kasi lagi nyong dinidinig ang mga prayers ko every night bago ako matulog. Thanks sa Mama at Papa ko dahil sa suporta nyo sakin at dahil hindi nyo ako prine-pressure sa studies ko. Thanks sa mga Friends ko dahil dinadamayan nyo ako lagi. Thanks sa mga taong dumaan sa buhay ko; pasensya dahil hindi ko kayo napansin. Thanks sa mga internet friends ko (hahaha).

So anyway, what New Year without the infamous New Year's Resolution?
Here's mine:
1. Aral pa ng sobra para hindi na ulit magka-3.00! Lalo naman para huwag magka-5.00! Pwede na sakin kahit 1.75 o 2.00 hehehe.
2. Huwag na kakain ng Fries kahit may mag-alok pa.
3. Huwag na uminom ng softdrinks kahit may mag-alok.
4. Huwag na magsungit at lagi na lang mag-smile!
5. Pansinin naman ang mga taon pumapansin sayo para hindi ka matawagang masungit!

So patapos na rin ang bakasyon ko. haynakoh.
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Sobrang excited ang kapatid ko magmula pa noong Lunes. Christmas Program kasi nila ngayong Wednesday. Hindi na makatulog eh!

Sa Pilipinas, ang Christmas Program ang pinakamasayang araw sa buhay nang isang estudyante dahil finally bakasyon na ulit at syempre madamihang kainan ulit.

Kanina nga, nag-punta na sila Chamme, Mama, at Inang sa school. nagulat daw yung teacher nila kasi hindi daw siya nag-expect na me magdadala nang pagkain. Duh? Nung kami kaya ang elem eh me meeting pa kung sino-sino ang magdadala nang softdrinks, spaghetti, etc. Ngayon, ang handa ni Chamme ay yung Bibingka na inorder ni Mama sa palengke.

Naalala ko sobrang excited si Chamme kasi gusto niya malaman kung sino ang nakabunot sa kanya at siyempre ano ang ibibigay sa kanya. I told her not to expect something na bongga naman kasi hindi naman ata ganun ka-rich ang mga kaklase niya.

Noon kasi, nag-expect din ako. Noong grades 1 to 5 kasi, nag-study palang ako sa Diffun Central School (DCS). Medyo mayayaman at may kaya kasi ang mga klasmeyts ko dati kaya ang mga regalong matatanggap mo eh sure na magugustuhan mo. Yes, Nagustuhan ko lahat ng mga niregalo sa akin at ganun din sa mga niregaluhan ko.

Nag-expect ako.

Nag-expect ako na ganun din ang case sa Cordon Central School (CCS). Hindi ko na maalala kung ano yung niregalo ko. Noong binigay na yung regalo ko... wow. Yun yung nakita kong binebenta sa palengke... yung complete set ng mga mumurahing toiletries! That set includes a towel (yung rough grade), some panyos (na hindi man lang makapunas ng pawis), lotion (na amoy pang-matanda), sabon (na saf*guard), shampoo, mirror, shampoo... at... ROSARY! Kaso yung rosary eh pang-porma lang kasi sobrang deformed na yung hitsura.

Sobrang nagunaw ang Christmas spirit ko. Sabi nga "It's better to give than to receive" pero I think applicable lang ito kung alam mo na hindi i-r-reciprocate yung act of giving mo. Pero shetness man! Alam mo kasi na bibigyan ka din ng regalo ee! Kaya ka nag-expect.

Anyways, that was just a thing from the past. Nung nag-highschool na ako sa Philippine Science High School, balik bongga ang mga matatanggap mong regalo. Me stipends kasi from DOST every month kaya me pambili ka nang mamahaling regalo. Para hindi naman nakakadisappoint.

Ngayon, DOST scholar parin ako. Pero hindi na kami nagbibigayan ng gifts hahaha.

Anyways, balik sa storya ng kapatid ko.

Ito ang natanggap niya.

<picture of cheap stuff>

Kawawang bata. Yan ang napapala pag cheap ang section at cheap ang school. Kaya lesson! Wag na ulit mag-expect pag alam na cheap ang mga kaklase. Grabe, I saw that picture frame sa NOVO when I was accompanying my friend dun!!! Yes, yung NOVO na tahanan ng mga mumurahin at cheap na rejected items! Pero nabili din naman ako dun kung minsan eh. Pero laging ambilis masira or ndi ko magamit nang maayos.

Ito may photoshoot kuno ang kapatid ko. Angtaray niya lang dito ee!

<pictures of my sister>

Mukhang maamo no? Don't judge a book by its cover! Maldita yan. Kaming tatlo nila Joy actually. Hahaha. Sigawan to the max kaming tatlo sa bahay kahapon at sobrang annoyed ang lola namin to the nth level.

Anyways... ito lang. Wala na akong maida-dagdag.

Next time ulit!


CAKE Sunday

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 29, 2011, 11:48 PM
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sarap ng cake kahit walang icing
medyo magaling na si Dad gumawa ng cake :)

Busy pre-November

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 28, 2011, 8:52 PM
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a lot of things to do before November...
...reserve slots for the second sem. hopefully, systemone will give me all the subject I'll need.

schedule for online registration
starts at 8:00 am October 31, 2011
until 12 noon of November 4, 2011